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EMERY WOODWORKING - Mouldings and Trims  
Some of Emery's mouldings and trims. Racked and labelled, ready to go.

In business, saving time means saving money.  Six reasons to choose Emery mouldings.

Better grade and quality - less flaws to hide, more consistent staining and less touching up.
Better yield and longer lengths - less cuts, less joints to fill, less patching and less waste.
Larger inventory and selection - over a million linear feet, over 20 different wood species.
Indexed Catalogue - find the product you need with three clicks of your mouse.
Store layout - all mouldings racked and labelled, ready to pick. Grab and go.
Store location - between Brampton and Vaughan, right on the highway.

That's the value we've been delivering to Ontario's builders for nearly 40 years.